Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies are implemented in  and the other domain names affiliated to .

Netmarble EMEA can read the computers of the visitors and the member users of . Every information that is gotten this way will just be used by Netmarble EMEA and it won’t be used for bring damage to visitors or members.  Again, this information cannot be shared, sold or used by a third person. However, this information can be processed in compilation. It is not a matter of discussion to watch or store users’ other web based activities.  capitulates and affirms that, e-mail addresses, personal passwords, credit card numbers and the other information of its users and members won’t be shared, published and announced. will not share any of its member, user or visitor information with any company until a legal proceeding or a demand starts. Personal data security and privacy that is provided during the service procuration by Joygame to its members, users or visitors, is limited with its own site.

The users, guests or members declare that e-mails posted to them by Netmarble EMEA for giving information and reminding are consented by themselves. However this communication information within this framework can’t be shared with another person or corporations by Netmarble EMEA. In the games introduced by Netmarble EMEA, admin and the moderators which are subjected to manager authority can check over the users, guests and members’ information like e-mail, ip, user name and password for providing that the game can be play easily by other users; but these can’t be forwarded to others. Netmarble EMEA isn’t responsible from the contents and effects of the advertisements which are given through Netmarble EMEA. Netmarble EMEA reserves the right of changing and updating the security policies. The users, members and guests declare that this information is received via notification; and these policies, and the changes and updates are known and confirmed by themselves. These security policies are aimed to provide security only for users, members and guests during taking advantage of the services given by Netmarble EMEA.

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