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Costumed Fighters, In-Game Events, New Characters, and More Now Available for Players

LOS ANGELES – JAN. 20, 2020 Netmarble announced their latest collaboration themed after Alice in Wonderland for its mobile action role-playing game (RPG) THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR. Starting now, players can acquire the limited-time fighters Athena, Yuri, Vanessa and Iori in new Alice in Wonderland-themed costumes that can be added to their roster of playable characters by completing special event stages or by summoning them using Ruby and Tokens.


In addition, two new fighters are now available for players to acquire from THE KING OF FIGHTERS 99Krizalid, the first boss fighter and clone of K’, the main hero of THE KING OF FIGHTERS99, and Whip, the sister of K’. Krizalid can be acquired from Jan. 14-27 via the Festa Gacha while Whip can be collected from Jan. 14 – Feb. 3 by participating in the Roulette Event, which can be played a total of four times a day at no cost.


Other Alice in Wonderland-themed events for THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR’s include:


  • Score Dungeon Event – Players can acquire in-game money, material for fighter growth, Gacha Tokens for Alice in Wonderland Costumed Fighters, and exchange coins.
  • Super Mission Event – Players can obtain Alice in Wonderland-themed Costumed Iori and Souls, Gacha Tickets for Costumed Fighters, Battle Cards and Souls through missions.
  • Wonderland Access Event – Rubies, AP, Plus Capsule, Summoning Tokens for Costumed Fighters and Battle Cards are available for players as prizes for seven days.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR boasts fast-paced fighting action as players battle through waves of enemies, giant bosses and rival fighter teams. The excitement is paired with cutting edge graphics, bold colors, and lightning-fast animations. In addition, this game features all of KOF’s classic fighters from ’94 to XIV, with over 130 fighters available to collect, along with more to come with seasonal events, collaborations with popular IP such as TEKKEN 7, and additional content updates for players to enjoy.


THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR is available to download on Google Play and the App Store in over 175 countries and comes with support for English, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and German languages.


For more information, please visit THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR’s website. Also, please follow THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, and forum on Netmarble.com

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