A New Chapter of Season 2 of the “Another Story” Feature, New 5-Star Cards and Special Events Arrive to the Mobile Game

Netmarble today announced an all-new update available for BTS WORLD, the mobile game that allows the player to manage BTS’s career. The update added Chapter 3 to the second season of the game’s “Another Story” feature, as well as special events celebrating the chapter’s launch.

BTS WORLD’s “Another Story” feature explores the alternate lives of each member if they didn’t form BTS, and Chapter 3 of its second season spotlights Jimin in “The Manggae Rice Cake’s Secret Recipe.”  Additional features as part of the September update include:

  • Newly-added 5-star cards of BTS members available from special rate-up card draws featuring each of the four card stat types.
  • September 7-day check-in event.
  • Bonus time event with buff to Loyalty Points, Gold, EXP and more.
  • Limited-time free item draw event.
  • Special in-store packages celebrating the new chapter.

BTS WORLD includes 10,000 brand new photos and 100 video clips exclusive to the game, and players are able to interact virtually with BTS as their manager through various 1:1 interactive content.

For more information, please visit the official site [https://btsw.netmarble.com] or follow BTS WORLD on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Exclusive merchandise from BTS WORLD is also available on the Netmarble Online Store.