Seven Knights Announces New Special Hero Karl Heron

  • This offensive hero boasts speasmanship
  • Netmarble updated Step Up Summon, marking Karl Heron’s debut
  • To hold event in celebration of the newest update to the game

Netmarble Games today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights rolled out a new special hero Karl Heron.

A special hero ready to awakening, Karl Heron is an offensive hero, who uses double lances, and recommended to partner with universal heroes. He boosts the chance of universal heroes on his side to resist to abnormal condition, and provides passive effect that decreases physical damage that the universal heroes receive.

After defeated by Teo, Karl Heron pledged loyalty and joined the Night Crow. For a while he wandered without restriction, but returned to the Night Crow’s base upon rising threat from Yeonhee and the Dark Knights, and Teo’s letter calling him back.

Belonged to the Night Crow, the group led by an Old Four Lord Teo, Karl Heron also as an appearance and skills inspired by birds.

Netmarble updated Step Up Summon, in celebration of the arrival of Karl Heron. The players who do Karl Heron Step Up Summon seven times, will earn 4-star Karl Heron 100 percent.

Furthermore, Netmarble introduced an option called Finish Now to Limit Break, the in-game contents which increases the capability of heroes. In the past, the players had to complete the Exploration first, which dispatches heroes and pets and receives rewards after a certain amount of time passed. However, the new option improved the convenience of the players.

A turn-based mobile RPG enjoying great popularity worldwide, Seven Knights offers the fun of collecting and fostering over 500 kinds of characters.

Seven Knights is now available free-to-download via Google Play and AppStore.

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (

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