RPG EvilBane Update Brings New Region and More

EvilBane welcome a new region called Skyward Mines as well as Act 8 and 9 in the Adventure. Featuring new boss monsters Griseus Leader, Harpy Queen, Dwarf King, Skyward Mines will offer the challengers with EXP Orb that bolster Belt, a gear introduced earlier this month.

Besides, Chapter 11 to 13 of Raven mission is expected to provide greater fun of launching operation successfully.

The latest update to EvilBane has come with a variety of events. First from Aug. 22th to 28th, Netmarble will give away items, ranging from Legendary Doomsday Armor, golds to Heavenstones, according to the number of in-game crystals that the players used.

Until Sep. 7th, the players who explore the Adventure, Day Dungeon, Raid and Arena will receive the points which are exchangeable with various rewards, such as Heavenstones, Rare Belts, Uncommon Armor Orb.

Also, those who upgrade their Belts to Mythic and Legendary levels will acquire 500,000 and 250,000 golds, respectively.

App Store: http://buff.ac/4cIt

Google Play: http://buff.ac/4cIu

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