Pre-Registration Has Started for King of Fighters Allstar

Pre-registration Prizing includes Special Characters and Other Premium Items given at October Grand Launch

Leading up to the October launch of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTARNetmarble has announced their pre-registration campaign and rewards for those eager to play the fast-paced and exciting martial-arts mobile brawler based off SNK’s iconic THE KING OF FIGHTERS franchise.


Players who pre-register to download THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR on Google Play and the App Store will receive ‘Option Cards’ themed after legendary fighters Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Other premium rewards and special characters ill be shared upon reaching certain pre-registration milestones. The full rewards list is as follows:


  • 50,000 Total Pre-registrations reached: 1x Baseball Yuri Character
  • 150,000 Total Pre-registrations reached: 100 Rubies and 10 Rare EXP Capsules
  • 400,000 Total Pre-registrations reached: 1x Baseball Yuri Card
  • 700,000 Total Pre-registrations reached: 400 Rubies and 10 Plus Capsule Boxes
  • 1,000,000 Total Pre-registrations reached: 1x 5 Fighter Selector


THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR boasts fast-paced fighting action as players battle through waves of enemies, giant bosses and rival fighter teams. The martial arts excitement is paired with cutting edge graphics, bold colors, and lightning-fast animations, plus over 50 fighters to collect & upgrade at launch. THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR will deliver a wealth of content and nostalgia for fans of the franchise and offer hours of fun for gamers who are new to the action.


Players can now pre-register to download THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR on mobile devices via Google Play and the App Store. The game will be available worldwide in October 2019.


Previously launched in Korea and Japan, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR reached the No.1 position on both the Google Play and the App Store’s free games charts in two countries with over 14 million players. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated mobile game THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR, as it plans to meet players worldwide.   


For more information, please visit THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR’s website. ( Also, please follow THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR on Facebook (, Twitter (, and YouTube.

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