Need for Speed World and “Sürüş Zamanı” Collaboration

Joygame, Need For Speed World in the context of the presentation of the game of GS on TV 15 days posted in Driving Time reached an agreement with the program. Otohaber Magazine Editor-in-chief David Demirkuşak and Car Magazine Editor-in-chief Yang Yilmaz and belongs to a section of the program offered by Joygame will take place. This section weekly competitions, tournaments will be held, in accordance with the designated Fiction winner Joygame Need For Speed World players Turkey rally champion Yagiz Avci they’re going to get a chance with the Lap section. Also in this section of our own Need For Speed World promotional videos will be published and are in-game performance of cars introduced in the program also will be talking about.


Published parts of the program please click on the link below:

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