Mobile RPG Seven Knights Introduce New Hero ‘Chloe’

Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights introduced ‘Chloe’ as a new hero in the game.

Chloe used to be an NPC residing in the Summon Shop, but she now joins Seven Knights as a new hero. Chloe was based on the Oddeye cat and is a supporter hero who can be awakened. When Chloe is awakened, she can use the skill which can nullify all damage that allies receive, and can be useful in various situations.

With the update, the game added a Leader Icon System. Players can get Leader Icons through certain achievements or actins within the game, and when players receive the Leader Icon, additional skills are added to help battle.

The Seven Knights puzzle, which had been a popular content as players could receive special heroes, was revamped. Instead of the initial method or receiving special heroes in order, players can now choose which hero they want, in order to receive their favored hero faster.

The castle rush also took a change. The 10 to 15 minute play time for the castle rush was reduced to a 5 minute limit. Now players can focus more on their play with a shorter time.

With the update, Netmarble is giving away a 4 star element selector when players achieve Chloe. The event will run until XX, and players will additionally receive a 6 star hero ticket when Chloe is awakened.

Seven Knights is also doing a ‘log in’ event, where players receive gifts just for logging in. When players log into the game, they can receive Hero Selector, Hidden Masters, 6 Star Seven Knights Selector, or 4 Star Special Hero Selector.

The game which has had global success and popularity is a turn-based mobile RPG with over 500 characters to collect and grow.

Seven Knight can be downloaded for free at Google Play or App Store.



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