Mobile RPG Seven Knights Had Update with Character Level Lifted

− Highest character level has increased from 40 to 46
− The characters now have more proportional body and mature appearance
− Seven Knights had collaboration with Falcom, Japanese Gaming Company

Netmarble Games announced today that its mobile RPG Seven Knights had an update of increasing character levels, in celebration of New Year of 2017.

The seven knights heroes’ highest character levels is now 46, increased from previous 40. Those characters who received level lift update, will enjoy higher efficiency and versatility, with higher stats alongside.

Netmarble, marking its update in character level, will conduct one-week-long event, giving away 6-star Seven Knights Jewelry Tickets, one of the beloved in-game items, to those who made more than one transcendences to 6-star seven knights. The number of transcendences and tickets given is not limited. The players who achieve 6-star seven knights will receive 6-star Seven Knights Gear Ticket.

Seven Knights also received changes in character appearance. Their more balance body has brought more mature look.

Furthermore, Seven Knights had a collaboration with Falcom, and the collabo contents are now on sale. A Japanese gaming studio established in March 1981, Falcom has created a series of best games, namely Xanadu, YS and Trails.

The latest collaboration with Falcom has brought eight main characters in YS and Trails to Seven Knights, namely Adol, Alisa, Olivier, Ceis, Joshua, Laura, Leonhardt, and Renne. They all feature quality costumes that fully reproduce those in the original arts.

Enjoying great popularity worldwide with over 33 million installs, Seven Knights is a turn-based mobile RPG offers the fun of collecting and fostering over 400 kinds of characters.

Seven Knights is now available free-to-download via Google Play and AppStore.
Google Play Store:
App Store:

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (

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