It is time for Ateş ve Barut in Wolfteam!

It is time for Ateş ve Barut in Wolfteam!

In Wolfteam, starting in 2009 and having become the biggest MMOFPS game in Turkey,  Av Mevsimi finished. One of the biggest updates of Wolfteam, Ateş ve Barut patch met the player in December 12th. With new maps, weapons and characters, new experiences are waiting for Wolfteam players.


Upon the ending of Av Mevsimi, the team of Wolteam changed the logo for Ateş ve Barut.  This change, which should not be seen as a mere motto change, shows the new appearance of Wolfteam to us in all details. Without changing the characteristic features and lines of the Wolfteam Logo, the logo was redesigned for Ateş ve Barut. The logo got full marks from the players, too.


Wolfteam’s strongest characters Christopher Smith and Pedro Gomes seem to lose favor with the new characters of Ateş ve Barut which will come with the new patch. They will be the new favorites if the Wolfteam players with their magnificence and powers.

Ateş ve Barut

We have just mentioned that new maps have come with the Ateş ve Barut patch. The Gate Map is plunged into darkness. There have not been big changes in the map. However, night and full moon fit to the name of the game. The battle of the wolves seems to get excited more.

Pain Labr 2

Another map of the game is Pain Labyrinth 2. It is thought that this map with its new design will be one of the most favorite map of Ateş ve Barut patch. Let’s see how hard the competition will be in Pain Labyrinth 2 with its modern appearance.


Maybe, one of the most important developments with this patch is the weapons which everybody is curiously waiting for. These weapons will be the symbol of our power and go beyond the ordinary. Right now “RPZ-7” weapon may seem like a classic rocket gun, but this weapon will be a favorite because it is like a wolf repeller. Another weapon is “TAB-15.” This weapon will bring an innovation to Wolfteam. Finally, there is also the axe which is sharper than the knife.


The team of Wolfteam wants to place these three new weapons in the game with new names.  There is an event for this. “Name them in Wolfteam!” The team that will collect the name suggestions of the players at the event will evaluate the creative names. The players whose suggestions will win will have the 30 day version of that item. It seems that this event will be a chance for the players who want to be unforgettable in Wolfteam world. Moreover, you can own one of these weapons with your creative suggestion. In order to get detailed information about the event:


We mentioned about the Ateş ve Barut characters. With all this information, we see the excited players. The ones who ask “Ok, it’s fine. How will we have these characters then?” listen to us right now! With the new patch that came in December 12th, Ateş ve Barut characters already took their place in Wolf Coin Shop. Of course there is a surprise too! Wolfteam waits for the players who want to have Ateş ve Barut characters at Ex-Bomb.

A new season is starting. The era is changing now! The glory of Ateş ve Barut is already ready to be the symbol of your power! What about you? 

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