Countdown to Wolfteam Allstar Begins

Turkey’s most played MMOFPS game, Wolfteam, is launching the project All Star, special for its 6th anniversary. Wolfteam has prepared very interesting and exciting surprises for its followers as part of the project and it is inviting all its players, whether young or old, whether active or inactive to be a part of “Wolfteam Style”.

For this project, Ahmet Çakar, Atilla Taş, Doğuş, Esra-Ceyda sisters, Oya Aydoğan, Safiye Soyman and Faik Öztürk challenged each other in front of cameras, before the soon-to-happen Wolfteam faceoff and their video will be shared on Wolfteam Facebook page tomorrow. Stay tuned in for more progress.

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