EvilBane Introduces New Parts Called Wings

Added New Parts Called Wings, including Guardian Deity Wings and Reaper Wings Updated Frost Cloak, the strongest pair to Frost Weapon and Armor…Highest level increased to 59 Netmarble runs Wing and Frost Cloak level up event with rich rewards Netmarble Games today announced that its blockbuster mobile action RPG EvilBane recently had an update adding […]

Mobile RPG Seven Knights Updates Ace Marksman Kyrielle

Netmarble added Kyrielle of the Revolutionaries, featuring fascinating skills and action Awakening Kyrielle guarantees 6★ Hero Selector The players now can find Accessories at Summon Shop Netmarble announced today that its mobile RPG Seven Knights recently had an update adding a new special heroine Kyrielle and runs an event. Renown for her outstanding archery skills […]

Marvel Television-Inspired Heroes and Uniforms and Character Growth System

New heroes and uniforms from Marvel’s mean streets join ever-expanding cast of playable characters. The update will also include four uniforms inspired by Marvel’s Netflix series for Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Elektra, and Punisher, along with an All-New, All-Different uniform for the Inhuman Karnak.“These three new characters to MARVEL Future Fight have been some of […]

Mobil RPG EvilBane Updates New Armor

Zephyr Amor can penetrate enemies away Highest character level has been lifted from 57 to 58 Netmarble runs various events offering popular items, including Zephyr Armor Netmarble Games announced today that its blockbuster mobile action RPG EvilBane had an update, introducing Zephyr Armor and expanding levels, and will be running events marking this. One of […]

Mobile Action RPG EvilBane Received New Ranged Weapon

Newly added Ranged Weapon features fascinating skills and powerful blows Lunar Event Adventure Region with Eastern characters opened Netmarble will be conducting 300th day anniversary event… Giving away varied rewards including new ranged weapon. Netmarble Games(“Netmarble”) announced today that its blockbuster mobile action RPG EvilBane had an update introducing new weapon and Adventure Region and […]

Mobile Action RPG EvilBane Brings New Adventure Region

New Adventure Region Vampire Gateway added… Players can earn Legendary Belt and Accessories Act 13, 14 in Adventure Season 3 opened while character level was lifted to 56 Lunar New Year Event will give away bountiful rewards including Mythic Gear Netmarble Games(“Netmarble”) announced today that its blockbuster mobile action RPG EvilBane has received new Adventure […]

Mobile RPG Seven Knights Had Update with Character Level Lifted

− Highest character level has increased from 40 to 46 − The characters now have more proportional body and mature appearance − Seven Knights had collaboration with Falcom, Japanese Gaming Company Netmarble Games announced today that its mobile RPG Seven Knights had an update of increasing character levels, in celebration of New Year of 2017. […]

Pre-Registration Period for EvilBane: Rise of Ravens!

The pre-registration period for the new blockbuster RPG EvilBane: Rise of Ravens was announced today. Boasting unsurpassed graphics on par with PC games, EvilBane features cinematic quality action and graphics never before seen in mobile games. Creating a gripping storyline in combination with graphics and action, EvilBane immerses players into its own world as they […]

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