A Record Breaking Opening from Travelling Millionaire!

After a period of preparations taking months, our game Travelling Millionaire met with its players on May 22. With more than 10,000 concurrent players on the day it was opened, the game has become the owner of the title “the game with the best opening”!

Via achieving to become featured on App Store, the game ranked in the 1st place in the “Free Games” category and in the 6th place in the “All Applications” category

Travelling Millionaire’s opening is not limited to these!

We became the first one in the Turkish mobile game sector to have an advertorial at Beyaz Show on live television. At the same night, our game became the most searched word on App Store and a trend topic on Twitter!

Gathering attentions with the viral videos on the digital platforms, our game has lots of work to do. You can watch us on Medcezir on May 29 and Survivor on May 30.

Under 360 degrees marketing plan, we have started the outdoor marketing process, too. You can come across us at bus stops, shopping center rest rooms, plaza entrances and on metrobus bus handles.




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