− 5 characters from STREET FIGHTER V has arrived to Seven Knights

− Netmarble runs event marking this collaboration, giving away STREET FIGHTER V heroes to those who log in

RYU and CHUN-LI of STREET FIGHTER V has come to Seven Knights.

Netmarble today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights had collaboration with STREET FIGHTER V, a legendary competitive fighting game from CAPCOM.

STREET FIGHTER V is a player verses player competitive fighting game released by CAPCOM in February 2016, and the latest work of the STREET FIGHTER series.

With this update, Seven Knights welcome popular characters of STREET FIGHTER V, namely RYU, CHUN-LI, KARIN, NECALLI, and AKUMA. These five characters features action, outfit, and appearance true to the originals. All of them introduced as five or six-star characters underscores; they underscore the significance of collaboration and value of possession.

The players can enjoy the story of each character in the guide and change the mood by applying collaboration-exclusive costumes.

Netmarble, in celebration of this collaboration, runs an event for the two weeks from Mar. 23rd, giving away 5-Star STREET FIGHTER V Hero Summon Ticket to all players who log in the game.

Participating in diverse in-game contents, such as Arena, Adventure and Castle Rush, will offer not only 5-Star STREET FIGHTER V Hero Selector, but also all sorts of gears and evolution material, called elements, for free.

For the next two weeks, Seven Knights will open the total of three dungeons marking this collaboration, and provides the Accessories for collaboration characters to all participants.

Enjoying great popularity worldwide, Seven Knights is a turn-based mobile RPG offers the fun of collecting and fostering over 500 kinds of characters.

Seven Knights is now available free-to-download via Google Play and AppStore.

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (http://sevenknights.netmarble.com)