Additional updates include new uniforms, a new uniform upgrade system, New Year’s events and stages, and improvements to user interface

SEOUL, Korea (January 11, 2017) – Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, welcomes new characters to its hit title MARVEL Future Fight – Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Medusa will be joining the fray, and brand-new Marvel Super Hero Ironheart will be making her video game debut! Five existing characters will also be receiving new uniforms: four uniforms from the Marvel NOW! comic book line, and one unique uniform for the Totally Awesome Hulk, based on the MARVEL Future Fight variant cover of Marvel’s ‘Monsters Unleashed’ #1.

MARVEL Future Fight is also introducing a brand new feature called Uniform Upgrade that allows players to level up their uniforms using experience. When a uniform is upgraded, various stat boosts will be added, as well as new options.

“One of the aspects we love about MARVEL Future Fight is that it gives players the chance to play with unique versions of the Super Heroes they love, and not just their traditional depictions,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer at Netmarble Games. “We want to consistently continue to diversify players’ gameplay and strategy by including new features – like the Uniform Upgrade, for example.”

Netmarble will also introduce New Year’s-themed events and a stage from Jan. 17th to 30th. In a snow-covered city setting, players can pick up special tokens after clearing stages to purchase exclusive items. In an effort to streamline user interface, materials can now be autoselected for quick ISO-8 upgrades and Hero Gear can now be easily changed between different options.

The full list of gameplay updates for MARVEL Future Fight include:
● Three New Characters:
○ Kate Bishop – The successor to the original Hawkeye. She excels in archery, agility, and hand-to-hand combat.
○ Medusa – Queen of the Inhumans and wife of Black Bolt. She controls her powerful hair to strike down any enemies who may threaten her people.
○ Ironheart – 15-year old genius Riri Williams demolishes her foes in battle using the latest and greatest in Iron Man Armor technology

● Five New Character Uniforms: Yellowjacket, Captain America, Red Hulk and Squirrel Girl will all receive Marvel NOW! uniforms. Hulk (Amadeus Cho) will receive a “Monsters Unleashed” uniform, based on the MARVEL Future Fight variant cover of Marvel’s ‘Monsters Unleashed’ #1.
● New Uniform Upgrade System: A new system will be added where characters can clear stages to gain experience and boost their uniforms for extra stats.
● New Year’s Events and Stages: To celebrate the New Year, all users will be able to enjoy a new event stage that takes place in a snow-covered city from Jan. 17th to 30th. Clear stages to receive special tokens to purchase exclusive, limited items.
● Improvements in User Interface: A feature will be added to auto-select materials to quickly upgrade the player’s ISO-8. Another function will allow players to change the “option” on their Hero Gear.

MARVEL Future Fight is available worldwide in the App Store® and Google Play™.

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