Netmarble brings new special hero ‘Skuld’ to Seven Knights

– Meet a new member of Celestial Guardians, ‘Skuld’

Netmarble today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights reveals new special hero ‘Skuld’ along with many other updates.

The newly added hero, Skuld, also known as The Foreseeing Third Seat, is a member of ‘Celestial Guardians’ and Skuld can get even stronger with Mythical Awakening.

New contents are revealed with the update as well. New seasonal content ‘Heavenly Stairs’ is added, and players can acquire various rewards, and Heavenly Stairs restarts every two weeks.

Also, Daily Reminder has been added to inform the players with daily contents, and it is now available to organize the inventory with one click.

Netmarble celebrates the Skuld update and bring out celebration event. Players can acquire Gelidus/Isabella Accessory, Power Up Stones, golds, and many more from the Attendance event.

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (

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