Ozan Aydemir, Guest Author As T3 Magazine

With more than 20 Edition of the world’s largest and most influential monthly technology magazine May issue of T3, one of Mr.Ozan is taking place as a guest author. Mr.Ozan “Came into the game with 39 Million Time Turkey” in her columns are the Turkish game market size, the game is one of the newest trend […]

Socialbakers March 2013 in its report Again Wolfteam!

According to the report by March socialbakers Wolfteam’s Facebook page posted on March 14, Yusuf Darwish received 28,000 appreciation, sharing, Matt Baker & 9.225 Turkey with comments and the most popular of 7.714 shares 3. Sharing it!Wolfteam team wish you continued success of social mecralardaki.

MStar in 2. Spring Has Begun

Three new and large property comprising the Mstar Version II opened the use of Mstar player. Version II players they can grow flowers in their homes with the property, Home Horticulture Mastercards property with one-touch can be randomly co-owner and team Star Mode, they can collect the stars by doing team work with. This patch […]

Wolfteam’s success in Increasing Rapidly in MENA region

Last year, within the MENA region June onwards Joygame oyunseverlerinin presented to the Wolfteam became increasingly a rising success catches the chart. 12 April 2013 at 16: 00 – 16: 59 p.m. Wolfteam’s instant maximum user count now stands at 2700! Wolfteam’s Turkey and MENA region, we wish to further increase their success.

Barış Özistek in Turkey Informatics Foundation Board Of Directors

Turkey’s transition to the information society in order to speed up Turkey Informatics Foundation, which operates 19.General meeting took place. At the meeting, the new Board will serve for 2 years, and the Board of Auditors was made the election to membership of the noble and replacement. Peace Guys, Turkey Turkey Informatics Foundation with the […]

Contract signed for Publication in the Mena S2

The success achieved in the MENA region Turkey S2 also need to move your signatures are gone! To select how the establishment of the server and all preparations after the completion of the S2 will be presented to the taste of the MENA region player. As the success of S2 in Turkey also repeated in […]

Need for Speed World ve Fanstasyrama with Joygame in EMEA Area

Electronic Arts began airing in Turkey with the agreement with the world’s most famous race cars Need For Speed World MMO are now Arabic version began airing in the MENA region with! In addition to the Fantasyrama and published in the MENA region, Bigpoint Joygame debuted with. Joygame new games and also in the region […]

Command & Conquer ve Lord of Ultima with Joygame in Turkey

The producer of Electronic Arts is a world renowned real-time strategy games Command Conquer & and Lord of Ultima Web-based versions, Joygame with Turkey began airing as a Free to Play in. Need For Speed World game, followed by the Command and Conquer, Lord of Ultima Joygame & difference, was presented to the Turkish players. […]

Coming Soon: Mülkümilyoner

Joygame the biggest surprise yet again from their players. Brand-name of the game became clear, Mülkümilyoner! Our game is about for now, Sarah and we not only secret we have to say that Mülkümilyoner will be your indispensable new very soon.

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